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Would you criticize me?


Firstly, I hope you all have a great day. I've been submitting several proposals lately, but unfortunately, I haven't received any responses. I'm beginning to wonder if my profile is not strong enough. I would really appreciate hearing your opinions.

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Hey Burak,

Don't worry about lack of responseson Upwork, it's normal, high competition and winter holidays, also It's always hard for newbies to get started.

Speaking about criticism, I think at the moment your description of yourself is too generalized.
In my opinion you should add more information about your skills, namely what you are good at in a more structured way. I recommend to read other members' profiles and see how it is realized by them

BTW The Weeknd Cartoon Character looks brilliant!

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Any job posting can get 10-40 applicants. Also, art is sometimes up to personal preferences as well. I think just submit relevant art examples to anything you submit a proposal to. It is a bit of a numbers game and finding someone who likes your specific art style.

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Try to be between the first 10-15 bids group. If you'll see "20-50" it's a waste of connects and time. Good luck.

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Hi Burak, some quick notes that I think will help:


• Ditch the word generalist. It's not in your best interest to be a generalist. Better to be a specialist. Pick one very specific aspect of 3D design that you do best and enjoy the most, and build your main profile around it. You can have one or two specialized profiles if you want and focus those on another very specific skill (for example 3D character designer). Narrow your focus as much as you can. Think of the kinds of clients you'd like to work with and the projects you would enjoy and excel at the most, and build your profile and portfolio around that.


• Your profile is too short and this can be perceived by some clients as lack of experience. You can make it a little bit longer and split it into paragraphs. Leave space around your sentences to make reading easier. Write more about how you help clients and a bit less about your skills and experience. 


• Try to get some testimonials from clients you have worked for/with outside of Upwork (they just need to have a LinkedIn profile).


• Why no feedback or rating on your only completed project? That's a wasted opportunity! Hopefully you did a good job and the client is happy with the result. If that's the case get in touch with them and tell them that a great review and feedback are super important to growing your Upwork profile. Add images from that project on your portfolio and link it to the completed job so a thumbnail also appears next to the completed job description. 


• Right now try to apply only to jobs you know you can do easily and quickly, and focuse on doing a great job and getting five-star reviews and great testimonials. Once you have three completed projects with their respective 5-star reviews, raise your rate by $5 or $10. 

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First, make sure your profile clearly showcases your skills and experiences. Use specific examples where possible. And regularly update your profile to include recent projects.


In addition, ensure your profile is free of spelling and grammatical errors. Because this may affect your professionalism.