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Welcome to the Microsoft 365 Community Group!

This is a beta launch exclusive to our Microsoft 365 program members. As part of the program, you are being invited to join this exclusive Upwork Group - a new facet of our Community website functionality (think of other innovative forum/community websites like Reddit). 


This new opportunity and expansion of our community will provide a necessary platform for our members to engage with one another, form new circles of networks, form new teams, post about opportunities, talk to your Upwork program team, provide critical feedback related to Upwork, keep up to date about M365 technologies, attend exclusive events, and much more. 

As with any new endeavor, please bear in mind that we are in the beta phase. Improvements, continuing education, and other necessary milestones will be implemented to improve the Groups experience. We appreciate your patience as you experience this journey with us!

Thank you! We can’t wait to grow alongside all of you and to continue progressing this program over time.


Vrajesh Parikh | Senior Program Manager
Upwork | Chicago, IL, USA (GMT-5)
"The world's work marketplace."

Community Member

Hi, I am really glad to be here. Let's make magic. 😊 

Welcome Chima! Excited to have you join 🙂 

Happy to be here! 

Happy to have you here Patrick!

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Thank you for the invitation and I'd be more than glad to join, collaborate and create within this group.


Looking forward to the community collaboration as we grow this out! Thanks for joining Jose! 

Community Member

Thank you so much for the invitation! 🙂 

Welcome Jerica - thanks for joining! 🙂

Community Member

Thank you for the invitation, I look forward to contributing and growing this community.

Excited to have you join the group Ernesto! 

I am very excited to hear from you Vrajesh.


Thank you very much for your contribution to improve the knowledge and share your experience with the new community member like me.





Talat Mehmood

Community Member

A hug, thank you for the invitation.

Looking forward to your contributions to the group, Rigoberto! 

Community Member

Thanks, @Vrajesh for the invitation. Hi All 🙂. Looking forward to having a great collaboration.

Community Member

Thank you very much for the invitation! 

Thanks Charles! Happy to have you here! 

Community Member

Lovely to be here amongst the professionals. I hope this group becomes stronger.

Community Member

Thanks for the add and great initiaves to regroup all M365 experts.

Community Member

Hello awesome people ! happy to be here 🤗

Community Member

Thank you for the invitation. I am very happy to be part of this Group

Welcome Herve! Happy to have you here!

Community Member

Tha k you for the invite, glad to be a member of the group.

Hi Misbah. Can you help me. I am a new member and glade to join this group.


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Hi everyone tha ks a lot for the invitation!!

Hi Mainor! You're very welcome. Glad to have you here. 😀

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Thank you for the invitation. I am very happy to be part of this Group.

Thanks for joining Umar!

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I am happy to be part of this group. I specialize in implementing Business Central and will help anyone I can.

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Thanks for putting together this group.  I am glad that finally I found fellow upworkers that work on the same niche skills :).  I worked full time on Microsoft Technologies over 20+ years and about 17+ years working in SharePoint solutions.  The only reason i switched to full time freleancing is to keep the little developer inside me alive (I'm really bad at management).


Past year was really great for me and I helped a lot of Upwork client's get the best out of their investment in Microsoft 365 tools.

Let me know how I can contribute to this group (with my knowledge,  anything else). 

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Hi all, I am SharePoint Developer, and new here. I am looking for work here...!

Community Member

Thank you very much for the invitation. Happy to be here