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A better withdrawal method for Armenian freelancers

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Izabella G Member Since: Sep 11, 2017


I would like to talk to you about your available withdrawal methods.

I am from Armenia. I work from here and have been doing it for almost 3 years now. I love Upwork and I am thankful to it but recently I have been facing this huge problem.

Turns out, you don't have an available withdrawal method for me and other freelancers from Armenia anymore.((((
I will explain.

1. Paypal doesn't work for us because we can send money through paypal but we cannot receive through it. We have been waiting for years for that option to start working in Armenia but it still isn't. So I cannot use paypal.

2. I cannot use Payoneer too for the same reasons. Doesn't work in Armenia.

3. Cannot use direct transfer to a US bank because, evidently, I am not in the US.

4. The only option that works for me now is the transfer to my bank account but that's a 30 USD fee per transfer. For you that may not be a lot and for me too it's not a critically huge sum but it's still money. Lost money. And I don't want to lose that much money with every transfer. Besides, I cannot transfer small sums of money because if I want to do a quick transfer of, for example, 50 dollars because it's urgent, I lose 30 on the way and get just 20, which may not be enough for that urgent cause.


Due to this, I cannot withdraw money often, I have to wait for my earnings to grow to at least 300-500 USD or more so that the 30-dollar fee becomes less noticeable in that sum. I do work hard but I don't earn much fast as a translator, so it takes a month or two to gather a sum for a withdrawal.


When I first joined upwork 3 years ago, I didn't know how to withdraw too. I found a way through skrill. I sent the money to skrill and then from skrill to another service and from that service I got my money. Each step had its fees and taxes, so I still lost a lot of money but it wasn't 30 USD. And it worked for some time. When my friends from Armenia joined upwork too, they asked me how I withdrew money and I told them how I did it and that it was the only way I knew. They said it wasn't a very good way but we had no choice.


But then skrill increased its fees and you refused working with them and we had to find a new way.


And that new way is not a good one. Now it's just frustrating to work this hard and lose money all the time.

I am not complaining I just want you to know that we (Armenia-based freelancers) are now facing this serious issue. I don't know about others but I think that they are in the same position here.

And since there is a whole group of people like us I wanted to ask here - what do you think?


Do we need a different method for Armenian freelancers? With better conditions?


Like mobidram or idram or even some russian service like yandexmoney because the rest is just a temporary solution.


I am afraid that one day it will simply become impossible to withdraw our earnings at all. This is the only thing that concerns me about upwork now. The rest is just perfect. Thank you!

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Grant C Member Since: Sep 8, 2017

COnsider changing to a different bank.   By all accounts it appears your bank is practicing usery fees and/extortion.  Look for a repuatable international bank and start your account with that bank.  THen shift all your business an transactions to that account.    

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Izabella G Member Since: Sep 11, 2017

Hi Grant


My bank is a good one) Swiss.


The feecomes from upwork. It is the same for all banks.


Here is a screenshot.