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Account suspended due to

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Peter S Member Since: Apr 27, 2016

Hello Upworkers!


Writing here because I'm in despair & really need your help. Some of you may notice Upwork's problems a couple of days ago. They appeared as random photos replaced profile images. At least it affected me and two my Upwork friends.  


Here is the sequence of events, that brought me to this situation.


  1. 12th of February, my photo somehow got changed to a photo of a woman, who obviously I’m not, but I’m sure I haven’t changed it. 
  2. After some time, I got a message on video verification of my account.
  3. I contacted the support, trying to explain this is misunderstanding and I never uploaded that image. I even contacted my friend, who also has an account on Upwork and he had the same issue with the strange photo the whole day. Same time I’ve checked Upwork status page and noticed there were problems with services.
  4. Instead, support told me that this looks suspicious and they allowing me to change the photo for the last time and they will block me if I will upload it one more time. I tried a couple times to upload but never succeed with it yesterday.
  5. Today I tried to upload again and failed too. After I took the same path - contacted support, and finally uploaded my pic, what forced me to go through the video call with support.
  6. During the video verification, I was sitting in a room with my colleagues, who were talking and support engineer said that they are helping me. What obviously he couldn’t know as they were speaking Ukrainian, discussion their own things. The engineer never gave a chance to explain the situation and said he’s suspending my account. 

I’m very disappointed that such a great product as Upwork has such poor support, kicking of the business successful clients.  Same time, support can’t check either history of my photos, nor send 2-factor verification code, what are usual steps to ensure security and account authenticity. 

It's very pity that support knows nothing about system status.


Is there any way that I can ensure support or Upwork's management that it's really me?  Is there any way to recover my account? I can't even post to any forum except regional one.

Right now, all my clients are on hold, awaiting a moment I will solve this problem somehow.


Thanks in advance,


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Sanchayan B Member Since: Oct 24, 2017

This has happened to me as well where my account was suspended for silly reason.I have been working with upwork for over 4 years now and have a considerable amount of rating under my belt.Upwork has suspended my account stating a silly reason like I have applied for too many jobs which  had no response.On the contrary I usually apply for jobs that too one or two on week ends only and given the kind of experience I have made in upwork,I usaully receive interview offers which most often meterialise into projects.Over the last one month I have been in discussion with a few clients but the offer made my them were far below my rate and I was under negotiation with them.

The most ridiculous part of the upwork system is they are one sided and they do not allow others to explain their story.


Really frustrating.



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Yawar A Member Since: Sep 17, 2018


First of all sorry not relevant to your answers but a facing problem like this

My account is also Suspended due to this reason that I have applied for too many jobs without much earning. Now I am trying to contact the team and from the last 14 days, I have not received a single email from them.

Let me know if there a way to retrieve my account back


Really frustrating.

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John Angelo C Member Since: Mar 4, 2019

Hi I would like to ask if you get your account back? thank you 

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Mikhael Y Member Since: Apr 26, 2019


My name is Mikhael Yordan.  I am from Russia. Few days ago, I recieved an email that there was some irregular activity and my account was suspended. I am not sure what is it. I haven't worked outside the platform,Anyway, another upwork agent sent me an link to upload my identity card and bill documents. She also wrote, upon successful Identitiy verification suspension will be lifted.

I got email from Verification team that my identity was verified successfully. But, I got email that my account is suspended.

Please help me to reactivate my account. I can't write in support page, it's blocked for me