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Freelancer Success Stories & Advice - Take it from the Pros Close to Home

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

Top freelancers from Serbia and Macedonia have spoken and shared their roadmaps for building a successful business on Upwork!


Here are a few highlights from the interviews we think you'll find useful, so tell us which advice you like best and why.

Petar T..png
 "New freelancers have to know what they want to do, how to do it and with whom. Play it smart, look for opportunities and you will succeed."


Sinisa Lazarek.png
"Start slowly, check if your skill set is in demand and if freelancing suits you, because there’s no safety net. Most important things are to be honest with your clients, to define the project before you start, discuss the potential job with your client and cover all the basis."

"As the saying in freelancing business goes, you’re only good as your last job"
"Competition is not a problem, quality does prevail."


Ivan S..png

"Persistence, persistence, persistence! I worked 15 hours per days at the beginning, until I earned my reputation, build my Portfolio and invested in the equipment I use. Today, I work between 4-6 hours per day due to increased efficiency, high quality work and a higher rate I charge."


Alex W.png"Before starting on Upwork, new freelancers need to have a few years of prior experience, depending on a field."

"Freelancers need to learn quickly because technology is changing all the time, and need to keep track of the changes and improve their skills in order to be competitive."
Boris H.png
"I keep hearing the same feedback from Serbian freelancers: “If I knew what freelancing was really like, I would have quit my regular job earlier. I don’t know what I was waiting all this time.""

"From my experience, people who tried the freelancing lifestyle wouldn’t go back to a regular job routine. Don’t give up, if you work hard you will succeed."
 "I don’t send proposals any more. All of my Upwork jobs in the last couple of years came through job invites, which I receive daily. Clients invite freelancers with good rating, higher rates and experience, and I’m in a position to choose between jobs and work on my own terms."

"Freelancing can be a successful full time job and provide freedom regular jobs don’t. After you land your first few jobs, it just feels natural to work as a freelancer. It took me one week to get my first job."
"Freelancers need to invest a lot of time developing their skill before they start applying for jobs. Freelancing entails constantly learning and upgrading skills, regular communication with clients, excellent communication skills and self-discipline. A person has to be willing to sacrifice a lot of things when a job requires them to work in specific time zones, but will enjoy the fruits of that work afterwards, over the weekend or on frequent holidays."
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Elea B Member Since: May 15, 2017

Vladimir, thanks for sharing!!

I've just join Upwork community as a freelancer and this is very inspiring for me.




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Madalena R Member Since: May 25, 2017

thank you for sharing!

great advice, and very motivational!


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Ana M Member Since: Sep 2, 2017
Bravo! Thanks for sharing!