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Re: My acc suspended without any good reason!

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Nicolas N Member Since: Jun 23, 2018

Hi, dear community! Please, help me to solve this situation. And share if there any way to appeal supports unfair decision.
3 weeks ago, exactly on holidays! my UpWork account been suspended indefinitely due to "high number of proposals for jobs on our site without many contracts or earnings" as they said. I alredy appeal this, but no any person could explain me real thing. I already has clients i work with, yeah, i defenetly search for more clients and send proposals, i thought it's the matter of this platform.... and I can't understand that reason. So, if their site such oversaturated with low-rate workers and clients just ignore my proposals as i have no "top rated" bage yet... it's my fault? O_o really?

I do freelance work on non-regular basis as i have day job, but freelance do good income and i wnat to continue. So, please, help to restore my acc =(

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Maxim R Member Since: Jan 19, 2019
I definitely agree with you, it’s totally unfair. Btw, what’s your niche? How often do you get hired compared to your proposals? How often do you get interviewed?
I have no “work history” yet. Getting the first job is always difficult. I’m trying my best to build an outstanding portfolio to show off my skills, but still I have only one worthless invitation and no responses to my proposals... (I submit at least 1 proposal a day) I’m living in fear of getting suspended Smiley Sad
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Nicolas N Member Since: Jun 23, 2018

Hi, Max! I'm here on UpWork for 7 months already and had only 2 jobs from here (it gave me over 1k$ though, so no reason to complain). I also freelance outside, but this doesn't matter now. So, i submited about 3 times a week in december, it's even not consume whole limit of proposals. I sent a lot in august without any luck though.

My main specialisation is VO audio editing and audio restoration, but i also do sound desing for games and films and field recording. Here poeple seek for cheap rates and mainly they ignore my 25$ per hour though it's fair price. I've consulted with many collegues before fixing this particular rate. 

Now i exhausted and upset due to situation and don't know what to do - or just leave UpWork and try to find clients outside, or continue to fight and finally un-suspend my acc.

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Maxim R Member Since: Jan 19, 2019
I’ve read some threads about account suspending by too many unanswered proposals and find out what most of them were copy-pasting their cover letters. Have you done such thing? If so, that’s why you’ve got suspended... Smiley Sad
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Nicolas N Member Since: Jun 23, 2018

NO! Definetly NO! I wrote every proposal from scratch. Sure, i use same structure "Greetings - Proposal body - Best regards" But i never just copy and past my previous text. Never! And i been interviewed many times especially last month! That's why i SO surprised and angry... =(

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David S Member Since: Jan 28, 2019

My account suddenly suspended last night. 

Why this happended 

CAN you anyone  tell me the reason 


My priofile link is

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Nicolas N Member Since: Jun 23, 2018

Hi, David! Any news about your acc suspention? Could you unsuspend it or not?

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Halyna S Member Since: Feb 18, 2019

Hello there,


My account was suspended by the same reason.


And I'm wondering to know if any chance to have a video call or chat with someone from the support who can consider my situation and can help me?

I have real reasons to believe that such a decision is unfair, and it's not just my emotional reaction, that's why I want to appeal to this decision about my account suspending.


First of all, I have high positive feedbacks from my previous clients and they were satisfy with my work.
Here is feedback from my first client - "I hired Halyna to complete some frontend work on a professional project. She was communicative throughout the process, completed work ahead of schedule, and went the extra mile to create responsive views for our mobile app. I enjoyed working with Halyna and highly recommend her for front-end web development."


I passed HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript tests and get high results (Top 10% and Top 20%). I think it should show that I experienced in the field that I chose for work.
Also, I have passed Upwork Readiness Test and got Rasing talent badge.


I have 10 successful weeks in Top Rated eligible weeks and I believed that soon I will get Top rated status.


I have attached relevant portfolio items to the contracts that I have completed. And clients approved it.


I just completed my last contract, less than a month ago. I didn't work for a month - that's true. But I didn't submit a high number of proposals for jobs during this period.
I started to search for a new job only about 10 days ago, in this period I sent about 3 proposals per day (but not every day).

Also, now I have negotiations with a few potential clients about new projects.
One client should sent me a contract these days. We have discussed all the details, and he waited for final fixes from his designer and after that should send me a contract. But yesterday my account was suspended, so he can't send the contract now. I can send chat screenshots to prove it.


I really want to back my account but I didn't get any answer from the support and don't know what to do now.
And I believe that I can be useful to the Upwork marketplace and will be able to implement many successful projects.


Please, advise how can I reactive my account? Is any chance to talk with somebody or send any documents or do something to back the account?


Thank you!

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Nicolas N Member Since: Jun 23, 2018

Hey, Halyna! How it's going with your acc? Could you unsusped it or still blocked? =\

My current solution is - just start to work as partner of another freelancer with more jobs and stable income. Thats how i used to do now =( This sute is biggest platform with huge client base in my sphere, so i have no alternatives. If you have another suggestions, plz, share.

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Ray P Member Since: Feb 20, 2019

Hello everyone,

As soon as I started a contract with a client, my account has been suspended without any reason.

Could you please help me fix this issue?

Thank you,