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Romanian freelancers incoming.

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Brindusescu G Member Since: Apr 26, 2016

I've been working as freelancer for many years already, beside my job. Few months ago I decided to dedicate my time 100% to freelancing. Looks like a dream come true, right? Smiley Happy


Well not... I tried to pay my taxes to ANAF for previous year and they look at me like I am kind of an alien. Aske me questions like "How they pay you for? For what they pay you?". Anyway, after long discussions they asked me to fill the 201 form(last year I worked already as a full time job with working contract in Romania) and they said I have to pay 16% imposit and another 16% (10.5% and 5.5%) for health insurance. I was like... lady, I already paid from my incomings last year and the company paid in my behalf those taxes... She was like... you have to pay!


So, this is meaning abou 32% taxes to Romanian government. She said that the paper should come by end of September, but still didn't arrived. Maybe I will not have to pay Smiley Happy)



Ok, now the question is: How you declare the incomings to Romanian government and which taxes you should pay from freelancing? Please if anyone try to be legal in Romania and found a good way, please share it with detailed information.


P.S. I already talked with a tax accountant but not so much help.


(I'm sorry for spelling mistakes, this text was sent from my phone)



Thank you so much for help!

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Andrea B Member Since: Jan 7, 2018

Hi Brin,


Did you ever got a reply or find our your information? 

I recently joined upwork and havent have a job yet. I am looking for the same exact information to get ready for when I land a job, but as you can imagine is very frustrating to get it from the dedicated goverment entities in the country ("they look at you like an Alien indeed" and gives you whatever BS info for you to leave), plus very unreliable as you may come back the following week and get complete different information. Any guidance you have for me will be appreciate it.


Thank you in advance and looking forward to your reply!


Warm regards,