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Setting Up Your Freelancer Business in Serbia - Webinar by Milan Trbojević

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014



Don't miss a great opportunity to tune in to a webinar set up by Milan Trbojević specifically for Upwork users, scheduled for Thursday May 12 at 8 pm. Milan is an accountant with a vast experience in freelancer business registration, reporting freelancers' earnings, managing taxes and other aspects of the IT business in Serbia. You can find more details about Milan's activities on his company website, blog and in the recent interactive discussion at the Upwork Career Days event in Belgrade.


He will be presenting the pros and cons of the two most suitable taxation options - lump sum and bookkeeping taxation. You'll also be able to learn a host of practical workarounds for common bureaucracy and other extremely useful advice and answers for questions the majority of Serbian freelancers simply can't find on their own. The main goal of the webinar is to advise and enable freelancers to successfully navigate the labyrinth of regulations and make an informative decision about the best taxation form for their business. 


The webinar is centered around the questions raised in the Community discussion, meetups, webinars and events hosted by our mobilizers and in private conversations, so I'm sure each freelancer will find a solution pertaining to their specific case/concern/question during Milan's presentation. If you still have a follow up question don't worry, as we've allocated some time for the Q&A at the end of the session.


I'd like to invite all freelancers to join the webinar and register using this link. Tell your freelancing friends and note that we'll continue to provide crucial information based on your requests and feedback in the Community. There is a possibility of hosting a follow up webinar in case this one doesn't manage to cover all of your questions, so come prepared and feel free to raise any unaddressed aspects in the upcoming session.


Please note that this webinar presents information provided solely by Milan Trbojević and not affiliated with Upwork.

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

I would like to thank Milan for taking the time to answer our users' questions and all the freelancers who joined the webinar! We heard a lot of good questions and I hope you walked away with a solution for a concern you had an hour ago.


Let us know if you found the webinar useful and if you have some other questions/thoughts you would like to share on this subject with the community. Most importantly, share your feedback about other topics you would like to learn more about so we could set up a webinar or share a resource for it here in the Country Group.


A few users from Macedonia joined the webinar and I would like to thank them for participating, and ask them to contact me via personal messages if they have any information that would help me contact and organize a webinar specifically for freelancers in Macedonia.


Thanks again and as always feel free to start a discussion and engage fellow freelancers.

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Miroslav D Member Since: Sep 22, 2015

Excellent webinar. A lot of useful information for freelancers from Serbia. Generally speaking, there are few of them who want to share their knowledge on this subject. Every penny saved is most welcome to home budget.

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Milica V Member Since: Dec 6, 2016

Dear Vladimir,


Thank you so much!

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Milos M Member Since: Nov 21, 2014



I'm here almost 4 years. We can share our trading experience.