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Upwork Career Day Belgrade - Serbia 2016

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

Hi all,


As yet another benefit of having a Top Rated status on Upwork, here are some details from the recent Upwork Career Day event in Belgrade. Top Rated and Raising Talent freelancers and agencies had the opportunity to participate in discussions, listen to keynote speakers as experienced Top Rated freelancers shared their experience and their roadmap to success on Upwork. Kudos to Katerina, the Upwork representative who organized the event, gave her perspective on how to build a successful career and organize as a community to support each other. Katerina also shared valuable advice based on a wealth of experience accumulated over years working with successful freelancers in Ukraine and other European countries.


I'm delighted to share with you that freelancers from Serbia have the highest conversion rate of Raising Talent to Top Rated users, which shows that users from this country are constantly providing great service to their clients.


On the other side, it looks like Serbian freelancers are more likely to lower their rate when negotiating contracts, compared to users from other countries working in the same fields. Seeing that the quality of work is the same, I'd strongly advise users to consider charging their worth and not compromise their rate.


A shout out to Stephen, a British expat freelancing away in Serbia, and Danila, who moved here a few years ago and is living the dream in central Serbia. I found our conversations really inspiring and hope their stories, both personal and professional, will inspire others to pursue their dream and upscale their business.


Here are a few photos from the event.











Photo 9.jpg



Photo 12.jpg


Photo 14.jpg