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VAT & France

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Pauline Member Since: Mar 7, 2017

Hello, I'm a newly registered Upwork member and I'm having some questions about getting paid, and registering myself as a freelance in France. I would like to discuss with Rene K but can't send you a private message. Thank you

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Nicolas G Member Since: Mar 31, 2017

Hi Pauline,


I'm a new fruit from France as well and wanted to PM Rene K too and couldn't do it either ^^ I'm doing my first job and wondering how to get paid.


I have multiple questions just in case you're passing by Rene Smiley LOL


1/ You are an auto entrepreneur right? You went through all the steps listed at : ?


2/ Did you give a VAT number in this page ?

If yes, how to get it? If no, why?


3/ Last one Smiley Happy From France, you have to fill the W-8BEN at

Where do we have to send it? Or is is just a paper you have to give to Upwork and nothing else?


Well if someone spots Rene K, please tell him his help is much needed Smiley Wink


If anyone knows everything, please join us!


Thank you for your time.





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Rene K Member Since: Jul 10, 2014

Guys, I'm not a tax adviser and I'm confident that you will find everything you need online to incorporate as AE in France, which is a two-clicks easy thing to do.


Not wanting to be rude, but what the frak is this?


EXCEL EXPERT (Formulas & Macros) - TRANSLATOR (Fr/Eng/Spa) - $10.00 /hr


Lol :-) $10 per hour?


No trained professional translator charges $10/hour. I charge more than $60/hour. If you're about to charge ten bucks don't report your earnings. Even if they catch you, they will just Lol at you. You're not a translator. Being able to read English doesn't make you a translator.


Sell things that you know how to do and set a rate that is consistent with the cost of living where you live. Or go and work evening shifts at the local McDonalds. They may pay more.


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