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Why Elance was better?

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Vladan F Member Since: Oct 1, 2015

What does it mean when a client states in his job proposal that he is looking for entry, intermediate or expert level freelancers? 


I would like to meet a person that created this s....d #%&#%&#&%!!! categorization and congratulate him/her. Not sure what he was thinking about when created this.

You now, I applied to some expert level jobs and client wanted to pay $5 for the work! Is this the expert level hourly fee? All I want to say is that this categorization doesn't have a clear sense, because it is very subjective and it depends on clients own perception and reasoning - what should be entry, intermediate or expert level fee.

Elance had a great solution for this. Clients could choose rates from 0-5, 5-10, 10-20 dollars  and higher, so freelancers would not waste time (and connects) submitting proposal that won't be taken into consideration, and clients would not waste their time reading proposals and explaining to freelancers that they are only willing to pay $5 per hour for the expert level job.


I got this strange feeling that the Upwork is so client oriented platform that we are treated like earning machines and not as freelancers with a brain.


I'm thinking seriously about moving my work to other online platforms. 

Frequent Visitor
Vladan F Member Since: Oct 1, 2015

Hm, maybe I will get used to it eventually and stay on Upwork...once I figure out how does this entry, intermediate or expert level job categorization works Smiley Indifferent

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014

Hi Vladan,


Thanks for sharing your feedback. We are doing more to educate client about choosing appropriate levels and rates.


For example, clients will see ranges recommended for each level when they post a job. However, we provide freedom for clients to post jobs at any rate within our policies, and for freelancers to apply for jobs that they are interested in.

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Vladan F Member Since: Oct 1, 2015

Hi Vladimir,

thanks for the answer. I'm appreciating your help to clients. It would be also great if something could be done for our side. I think that this issue is much deeper than it seems now.


Would it be better when both clients and freelancers could be able to see hourly rates?  In that case, client could choose the hourly fee range that he is willing to pay, without having to review all the unwanted proposals from freelancers. On the other hand, we would not be losing so many connects and time when applying to jobs with mysterious hourly fees, being rejected in the end. 


I expected a lot from this platform, maybe because I moved from Elance, but the unsatisfaction is really growing among freelancers and I'm afraid that in the end everyone would be losers - clients, freelancers and Upwork. If we all want to make a profit (which is the ultimate goal here) you must create the WIN-WIN situation for everyone. Not only for the clients. 


With friendly regards,


Frequent Visitor
Vladan F Member Since: Oct 1, 2015

Also, just to get things straight at the very beginning. My goal is not to criticize and to undermine Upwork, because I'm not trying to "cut the branch I'm sitting on", but to point out some negative things (according to my opinion):


1) bad user experience with website (functionality, stability, simplicity)

2) 10% fee (on Elance was 8.75%, but I can live with this)

3) fee for each withdrawal (from 1$ to 2$)

4) entry, intermediate and expert level categorisation - no hourly fee ranges (I explained my reasons in a previous post)

5) no freelancer ratings (only job success)

6) payment process is taking too long (for hourly jobs)

7) no earnings privacy

8) too many quiz questions when applying for jobs (this should be made in the interview phase)

9) bad experience with job search (too complicated, too many features with poor design - please see Elance job search page)