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Lump Sum Taxation Model in Serbia - Milan Trbojević Webinar Take Two

Vladimir G Moderator Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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We decided to keep the ball rolling and build on the success of the previous webinar by setting up another session with Milan Trbojević, scheduled for Thursday June 12 at 8 pm CET. In the follow up webinar we'll discuss the most popular taxation option among freelancers - the lump sum model. Milan touched upon this option in the previous session, but for the sake of providing a greater insight and advice, we agreed to cover all the aspects of the registration and invoicing procedures.


If you missed our last post in which we introduced Milan, he is an accountant with a vast experience in freelancer business registration, reporting freelancers' earnings, managing taxes and other aspects of the IT business in Serbia. You can find more details about Milan's activities on his company website, blog and Facebook group.


Please register for the webinar using this link and feel free to post your questions during the session. Milan will again attempt to address all of the questions in the second part of the webinar, help clear any confusion you might have and get your business back on track. Make sure you mark your comments with a question mark in order to highlight them in the message thread.


Please note that this webinar presents information provided solely by Milan Trbojević and not affiliated with Upwork.


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