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Known Issues and Workarounds FAQ

Stay in the Loop about Known Issues

Stay up to date on known issues. In this area, you can comment and share more information as well as subscribe to get notifications for status updates. 

We have several labels to help you navigate the status of known bugs:

Known issue

Moderators have confirmed the Upwork Engineering team is aware of the issue and working to resolve it.  Known Issue tile.png


Upwork Engineering team is aware and is working to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, the Upwork team or Community members shared a workaround.

Workaround tile.png
Resolved The issue has been resolved. Resolved tile.png


What to do next:

  1. Explore: Search known issues to see if your experience is already listed. If your issue is on the list, leave a comment with any additional information, workarounds, or simply share what you’re experiencing. 
  1. Observe: We ask that you follow Community guidelines when commenting about known issues. Three key guidelines to keep in mind:
    1. Be respectful. Do not make any personal attacks or post overly negative statements. Always be courteous to fellow members and Upwork Staff. Avoid obscene, indecent, hateful, offensive, defamatory, abusive, harassing, or profane language and materials.
    2. Don’t share confidential information. This is not a forum for sharing confidential information. When sharing details related to an issue, please redact or blur any private information.
    3. Don't spam. Do not share advertisements or promotions of products and services.
  • Subscribe: Click subscribe on the Known Issues page and get notified of new issues, comments, and status updates for any issue that appears. You can also subscribe to a specific issue and only be notified of status changes and comments to that singular issue. You can subscribe to as many issues as you’d like. 
  • Report a issue: If you don’t see what you’re experiencing here, you can create a topic in the support forum. Our team of moderators will help troubleshoot and determine if this is a known issue. 


Why can’t I report a new issue here?

For now, only moderators can post in the issues and Workaround section or move a report from the support area once a known issue has been confirmed. Anybody can upvote or leave a comment on bugs that are already recorded here. If you’d like to report what you believe is a new bug, please create a topic in the support forum and describe what you’re experiencing. Once moderators confirm it’s a known issue , they’ll move your post here. 

I reported a issue, but it didn’t get recorded here. Why?

There may be two reasons for this: 

  1. We may still be checking your post and don’t have enough information to confirm if it’s a known issue. 
  2. We may have found that your experience is not a issue and is working as designed. 

Why are there issues that don’t get resolved quickly? 

Technical issues get prioritized based on many factors, including but not limited to the number of users affected, the severity of the impact, the bandwidth of the engineering team, etc. We understand that even minor issues and issues affect your experience on the platform, and we strive to address them as soon as possible.