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Community Manager

Availability Badge Price Increase

Effective January 3, the price of turning on the Availability Badge increased from 6 Connects to 7 Connects.


Check out the product update for Availability Badge Price Increase and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

Community Member

If this is a prequel to your scrapping boosting and Connects awards, then I'd welcome this news.

I understand that if you want to scrap boosting, you'd want to replace the lost revenue from other sources.


If this isn't a prequel to any other serious changes to restore quality to the platform, then it's of no material relevance to anybody.


In fact, I'd have no qualms whatsoever with making the badge even dearer, if you need the money to enable you scrap boosting.

Community Member

I do not like the increase in connects on the availability badge. It is tough enough for me to live with family members on a financial budget of money daily...now to be concerned of increases and loss of connects.                                                                  Sometimes smaller projects are better for me with my schedule of family life.                                                                                              Then again when the Medical Billing projects arise (or Data Entry)- these cost more in connects, plus the competition is greater as well.              If boosting connects is on the horizon to be eliminated - I am in favor of this action.