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Educational Alert About Scam Risks in Messages

On January 5, we launched a two-week test that educates freelancers about scam risks in Messages.


Check out the product update for Educational Alert About Scam Risks in Messages and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

Community Member

Thank you for this and looking out for us freelancers,  Shannon! 😃

You welcome 

Community Member

Many of the scams happen before a contract is in place on Upwork.


Upwork should take this "educational alert" opportunity to clearly indicate (in that first image) that communicating outside Upwork platform before a contract is in place is a violation of Terms of Service. "Encouraging" leaves the door open to violations as it only looks like a suggestion and is not in line with the Terms of Service.

Yes, we should be careful on Upwork

Community Member

It's good you're doing this. But just to let you know, the message isn't appearing for me, despite closing and opening the Message page and force reloading it. I'm on Chrome for Windows 10.

This is a 4-week test, so I guess it will be deployed progressively during that period.


This is helpful. 

Community Member

Noted and will take the necessary precaution.

Community Member

Thank you

Community Member

Thanks for sharing!! 

Community Member

I'm a tad confused about the "one-time" pop-up message. Will that be per contract chat room or one-time for the user account, period?


I am also concerned that many users won't read the pop-up the first time because they will be in a rush to try and close the deal. I think it would be better to include some sort of completion Boolean that causes the pop-up to return each time until the reading is completed. Perhaps the flag could be set to True by having the user complete a task, such as a brief quiz.

Community Member

Yes. I saw the alert and I believed I clicked on it. I think I received the reminder of staying on UpWorks platform.                                 My motto is if the Project seems too good to be true, then it is a scam 🤔 and all the Proposal wants to do is get your important information that all Freelancers pay so dearly for with our 20% service fees and other fees.    Be Careful!                                                                   

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