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Profile Viewer on Post a Job and Invite Page

Clients can easily view a freelancer’s full profile from the Post a job and invite page starting February 21. 

Check out the product update for Profile Viewer on Post a Job and Invite Page and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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Can you please review my profile and feedback 

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Could you provide a little more context? I'm surprised at the very existence of a Post a job and invite page. I would have thought those were two quite separate functions. Is Upwork promoting particular freelancers when clients post jobs?

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Over the past three weeks, my direct contact with clients, invites to jobs, and acceptance of proposals has dropped to nothing. No traffic. I am wondering if the changes to the client's profile view (I can no longer see the first two lines of the profile) and offering a selection of profiles for clients to view and invite to the job they are posting (suggesting that these are the best/most qualified freelancers for their job) is impacting my freelance traffic. Is Upwork measuring these changes' intended and unintended consequences? Will you publish your findings and educate freelancers on repositioning themselves to get work?

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