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Community Manager

Unified Checkout for Project Catalog and Consultations

Starting February 7, Project Catalog and Consultations will move to a unified checkout.


Check out the product update for Unified Checkout for Project Catalog and Consultations and let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Community Member

Hello Shannon,

Thanks for the update. I noticed in job Category and expertise list, we do not have HR/Recruiting in the list. How do Freelancers in this field set up their consultation catalog?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Abiodun, 

The Consulting and HR Category is not yet available in Consultations. However, you can create a project in the meantime. Let us know if you have additional questions. 

~ Avery
Community Member

create a project for what particular to whom to see? The skill of anything
in mind? thats eye catching above its limitation.

Hi Jayanti,

If you're looking for general  information, we have a lot of resources about Project Catalog, how to use it and its potential benefits for talent. Feel free to check out this Academy Learning Path and this webinar recording.

~ Valeria

can we research together on this catalog? i didnt know we needed that. how
did you get to this point in finding out we do and the whys to have it ?
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