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Discover Freelancer Plus

We know that every professional on Upwork is passionate about their business, and we take the responsibility of supporting your business seriously, which is why we built the Freelancer Plus membership.

Basic Free
Freelancer Plus $14.99 / month Upgrade to Plus
Hourly protection to make sure you're paid for each hour worked
Rollover unused Connects
Fixed-price payments are secured through milestones
Keep your profile active even when you take a break At times, it may be necessary to take a break from the platform, but with Freelancer Plus, your profile is consistently available (unless you choose to make it private).
See what bids your competitors are making on a posted job With Freelancer Plus, bid ranges are transparent. You'll see high, average, and low bids for jobs you are interested in, so you know exactly how to price your services to win business.
Keep your earnings private Control who sees how much you've earned. You can hide your previous contract rates and total billing on your profile's work history, while your self-defined rate at the top will always be visible to potential customers. (P.S. the only time your earnings are visible is when you are actively bidding on jobs)
Start each month fresh with 80 Connects
Customize your profile URL Your profile URL is your business card. With Freelancer Plus, you can create a custom URL to show off your business name or your name without any added numbers or random letters. Create a clean, easy-to-find URL to help grow your brand and client base.
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Frequently Asked Questions
What's the difference between Freelancer Basic and Freelancer Plus?

The Freelancer Basic plan is your default free plan. The Freelancer Plus plan includes a larger monthly allotment of Connects, membership perks, and visibility into competitor bids.

How do I upgrade my membership plan?

To upgrade from Freelancer Basic to Freelancer Plus:

  1. Go to Settings Memberships & Connects
  2. Select View or Edit Membership Plan
  3. Choose the Switch to Plus button on the Plus plan.

Memberships are not eligible for a refund after purchase.

When will my plan be billed and my Connects be added?

Your plan will be billed every month on the same date. Your billing cycle date resets the day you upgrade to a Freelancer Plus plan. If you switch to the Freelancer Plus plan on July 3, your new billing date will be every month on the 3rd. Your new Connects will be added on the same date. 

Why can’t I upgrade my membership?

Due to variable billing cycles for each freelancer, occasionally, there are overlaps with start dates when trying to upgrade to Freelancer Plus. If you have received the error message: "We are in the process of subscription renewals, and upgrades are not possible during that period." We encourage you to try again in 24 to 48 hours.


Billing dates are centered around your start date and are used to track the 10 monthly free Connects every freelancer gets. If you have a basic account, you can still find your billing cycle at the bottom of the Membership & Connects page. 


Membership billing cycles that start on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of the month will all be renewed on the 1st day of the following month.

How do I update to a custom profile URL?

To claim your custom profile URL: 

  1. Go to Profile Settings 
  2. Select the edit button next to Custom Profile URL 
  3. Enter your preferred URL
  4. Select Save when complete. If the URL is unavailable, you will see an error allowing you to create a new one. 

At this time, there is no limit to how many times you can change your custom profile URL.

How do I set my earnings to private?

To keep your earnings private:

  1. Go to Profile Settings 
  2. Scroll to Earnings Privacy and check the box.

Important reminder: This setting hides historical earnings on your profile. Your earnings will still be visible when you submit proposals or accept invitations to interview.

How do I see the bid range on job posts?

When viewing a job post, scroll to the Activity on this job section. There, you will see the bid range, which includes the high, average, and low bid amounts.