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Сlient mistaken feedback

My client has mistakenly left bad feedback. Now he has corrected the external feedback to be positive. But he could not fix the internal latent feedback. This is very bad for my rating. How to fix internal feedback?

Many thanks


Hi Uladzislau,


Thanks for reaching out. I'm afraid that when a client changes their feedback, those changes can only be made to the public one. The private feedback remains on file and cannot be edited. Feel free to check this help article to learn more. 


Thank you.

~ Luiggi

This is not fair!
Why should I suffer for customer error?
I did a good job with the client and I think I deserve good feedback!
Can you zero this out?

You can talk to my clients and he will confirm - it was a mistake!

Hi Uladzislau,


We prevent clients from changing private feedback as a preventative measure against fraud, blackmail, and extortion.


This is working as designed. I will share your concern with the team so that it can be considered as feedback. In the meantime, can you please send me a PM and share the contract you are referring to so that we can look into it further? I'll have the team review it to see what can be done but I want to set clear expectations that we may not return with good news. 


Thanks for your understanding.

~ Luiggi
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