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0% fee when you bring your own client



In May 2017 I received a message from Upwork with a special promotion with 0% fee when I bring my own client to Upwork (I am a Top rated freelancer) and I received an invitation linked to send it to my client for register and activate this 0% fee. A few days ago, I send it to my client and he registered and started a Upwork contract and now, when the contracted is just ended I realized that I have standard 20% fee. What to do in this situation? It's obvious that I was not intended to bring my client to pay 20% to Upwork.


Thank you!


Hi all,


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Thank you!


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Thanks, Great offer.

I would like to invite a new client on upwork, he is ready to hire me. Can anyone let me please, how I can invite her with Upwork 0% commisson Offer. I had a Top Rated Badge. 



Hi Onamika,


Our team will send you the link over the next couple of days, thank you.

~ Goran

Hi Goran!

Thanks for your help. upwork already send a link.

Steps are

1) - First chat with support, they will provide you a signup link for your client.

2) - Give that link to your client for signup and after that offer you a new project

3) - once you get offer, accept it and get contract or job id for that project

4) - write a mail from your email id which is registered in your upwork user profile

       To = BringYourClient@upwork.com

        Subject = Request to apply 0% fee on my contract

       Message content would be 


As discussed with your support staff, I brought my external client on upwork. I request you to apply 0% fee on his current and upcoming projects.

Please find the details of the client and contract below:-

Client Name = XXXXXXXX

Contract ID = XXXXXX


I hope you will get reply from support within 3 working days. 


Wow !! Thats great news, I will try to do this .. Thanks 

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I'd like a link too please!

Is this an indefinite promo? I cannot find the link either. Thank you.

Its great News i will try my best to reach those client and convince them to work on upwork

Hello Ryan,

Will it also be possible for me to receive a link to an invite email for my client as I also wasn't able to receive one or I might have missed it before.

Thank you very much.





Hi Kimberly,


Yes, one of our team members will reach out to you with the link via ticket. Thank you.

~ Goran

Can you please send me a personal profile link for inviting clients to participate in this promo. Thanks

Hi Chidi,


Yes our team will send you the link with detailed instructions on how to use it, thank you.

~ Goran

Thanks let us try to convince clients

I also havn't received a link to share with my clients

Glad to hear this update. Will Definitely bring new clients on this blessed platform. Although I am already bringing my clients over here, as it is most convenient, safest, easiest and cheapest.

Thank you!

Please invite me using this link
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hi attique

You can email here - BringYourClient@upwork.com , to get your personal link. Hope it helps!

You might have already received that link Attique via email address. 

Please note this offer only applies to top rated members so you might have to be eligible to get into the promotion. 

Also as a obvious recall, be sure you're checking the email address that is linked to your Upwork account. 




Hey, Thanks for sharing this news.

Really It is excellent Idea.

Thanks for the opportunity of Upwork.

Hi Attique,


Here is the info:


1. Email us at BringYourClient@upwork.com with your client's name and contract ID. You'll see the ID listed when you select your contract on your My Jobs page.

2. We’ll apply the 0% service fee on your contract within 3 business days. This promotion only applies to clients you bring who do not have an account on Upwork.

Note: If you have NOT received a personal invitation link, please email BringYourClient@upwork.com or let us know here – we'll be happy to provide it.


If by next week you haven't received an email with your personal invitation link, reach out to BringYourClient@Upwork.com or let us know here.





Good Idea and thanks!

Hi, Lena!
I've just found myself a client outside of the platform and I remembered that once you had this referal program:)
Is this still possible to get an invitation link to have a zero fee for the contract?


Thanks for attention!

Hi Kateryna, 


Yes, it is! We'll have someone from our team reach out to you via support ticket with your link.


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Hello, I recently became Top Rated but unfortunately I haven't received the link to bring my client to Upwork. Can someone help me get through this? Thank you.

Hi Francisco,


Our team will share the link with you over the next couple of days via ticket and email. Thank you.

~ Goran

Hi all,


This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size. We appreciate your participation in the Community and welcome you to continue the conversation here.


Thank you!

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