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0 overall feedback after recieving 3 5star rating

Hi, I just started applying and landed my first jobs here, after receiving great reviews and rating from my clients though, my overall feedback is stil 0.00, can someone please help me understand this

I'm also having issues with my feedback calculation. It is a bug, it was said to me by the technical support staff, but no deadline was provided for solving this issue. I'm very disappointed.

Yes, it's very inconvenient. I also submitted an inquiry about this to Odesk but I didn't get any answer
Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi all! I am very sorry you are experiencing issues with your overall ratings being displayed on your profiles. We have escalated this concern to our Engineers already and, as Gabriela mentioned it already, they have identified this as a bug that affects several freelancers. There is a delay in some profiles in showing the most recent updates. Please be assured that our Engineering Team is doing everything to have this technical issue fixed and resolved as fast as possible. Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation!
~ Valeria

I have the same situation (overall feedback rating is shown as "0.00" while I have one 5-stars job completed). Can you talk when the problem will be solved ? Thanks in advance.
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