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Re: $1 on fix price job? Really???

Community Guru
Ramesh K Member Since: Oct 25, 2015
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As a veteran forum member, you knows the answer very well - We can't get a reply from them for this question :-)
Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Kathy and Chris,


You guys are right and we have shared your point about freelancers being able to bid below $5 with the team. They plan to change it within next couple of months.



~ Valeria
Community Guru
Muhammad I Member Since: Dec 19, 2015
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If you guys are going to change minimum for fixed price then do it for $20.

Community Guru
Chris M Member Since: May 6, 2015
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@Valeria K wrote:

Hi All,


I would like to clarify that currently minimum budget that clients can select for a fixed-price job post is $5. Freelancers can bid lower than $5.

It's a bit pointless having a minimum budget then allowing the freelancer to bid less than it.


The minimum budget for fixed price jobs should be increased anyway - $5 is far too low. I know we are in a global marketplace where $5 can be a relatively large amount but such low minimums, in my opinion, lower the quality and reputation of the platform.

Community Leader
Igor S Member Since: Apr 8, 2015
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I don't get all the fuss around this... 

Personally, I don't even look jobs without minimum $100 budget, thanks to filters...