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10 jobs for you - Access denied U.S. only


I just want to ask the developers of the platform to take care of the offers they send by mail, because some of the best cases I receive, have a restricted acces to a special country.



Same happens to me too. And very good jobs I would have completed perfectly. Pity...


Very interesting how isolationism trumps international division of labor.

@Justus V wrote:

Very interesting how isolationism trumps international division of labor.

 I think it's "paying client preference" that trumps philosophical ideal. This is, after all, a for-profit business.

You're totally right, it's clients' preference.

But clients are hurting themselves and their customers if they limit themselves to the US talent pool.


Especially if they want to do business with the rest of the world, including to improve the US trade balance. Because that's the other way that can be done, not just by cutting imports.

From my experience, you can find lots of highly specialized US citizens, but it's much harder to find


- US citizens who can handle and connect an unfamiliar combination of topics (e.g. US policy in Central America, liberation theology, and US import/export)

- US citizens experienced in cross-cultural communication


And now, with that president leading the way, it's not going to get better.

Justus, there are definitely advantages to working with freelancers outside the U.S. in some circumstances, and definitely situations in which freelancers outside the U.S. are more qualified. (I think your trade balance argument is ill-conceived, however, since the U.S. has a massive trade deficit. Virtually importing labor will definitely not ameliorate that.)


But, there are many reasons outside quality of work that a client might prefer to work with a freelancer within the U.S. I agree that unwarranted prejudices or assumptions might be one of those reasons, but there are many others. 


As a freelancer, I don't work with clients outside the U.S. because I can't do the same quality work for a London law firm as I can for one in Chicago or Los Angeles. I'm not familiar with the terminology and cadence employed conversationally in the legal arena in London, and I don't have the in-depth knowledge of the workings of their legal system that I do the U.S. system. I've received good-paying offers from Australian law firms, but I think I'd be doing us both a disservice to attempt their jobs without the advantages I bring to a U.S. law firm job.


From a purely business perspective (though this isn't a significant concern for me, since I'm working primarily with law firms), if a job with a client outside the U.S. goes south, I have no viable legal recourse. When I work with a client in my jurisdiction, I know that if I do the work, I'm going to get paid.



Thank you, Tiffany, for your reasoned response.


As for legal recourse, I would only rely on the Upwork arbitration, everything else wouldd be took costly/risky. And I would do milestones.

Working in a strange legal system obviously hurts all parties - I don't even do legal and I wonder about the mess when people translate "Terms & Conditions" from US or UK e.g. into German "just like that", without looking at these differences. 

And the import of some Upwork labor is negligeable if it helps the companies' exports in the end. We aren't talking mass production import of labor, Ivanka-style!


The same happened with me too!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Joaquin,


Sorry about the confusion. Could you please let us know what was the title of the email you got with the link to that job?

~ Valeria



     This is happening to everyone who gets the emails "10 jobs for you" that lists jobs that upworks recommends. This was also stated in the annoucement "testing freelance location for job posts" a few times and Lena said "I agree those jobs shouldn't be sent to users who are not able to apply. I have escalated this to the team to follow up. " Currently on page 20 of that thread. 


     Hopefully this US only thing won't stick around anyways. I feel there are many flaws with it including the fact that some clients will say they want US only because they need someone in a similar timezone, but could really get freelancers in similar timezones from other areas. I don't see the point of limiting clients to freelancers, and if clients who really need freelancers in the US only and don't want to see others, there could be just a simple search function for them and acknowledgement in their post of why they need someone in the US only.  For example, I won't apply to a post that says, Need someone in Texas only. Some might who don't reside in the US and who knows, the client may see that it's ok to work remotely after all with certain potential freelancers not in the US more specifically in catagories like mine where many clients/freelancers do work remotely together anyways. 


Last I've heard, this function is a big popup that says US only or All freelancers and then when the client picks US only, it stays toggled on unless the client turns it off, and I feel that should at the very least change when the client goes to make another job if you are going to have this function. 


I hope it changes back because most of my clients are in the US and I've even worked with at least one client who have said US only and reconsidered when they saw I was in a similar timezone. This is an example of an assumption a client makes when selecting US only when they could also have more options. I'm in Canada by the way, so really not too far off and actually closer in timezone than some of the people in the US to some. 


At least not all US people are selecting the option, but I have noticed less posts from the US. Anyways, I've already said a lot on the topic in announcements, so I'm done posting about it anymore. Going to go back to work. 🙂 

Hi Valeria, 


As Amanda said the mail starts with "Joaquin, 10 new jobs for you".



Joaquin and Amanda,


Thanks for following up. I'm checking with the team to make sure they are addressing the issue.

~ Valeria

I was referred over to this thread from another one I started - the problem I am having is that for any job search I do the "U.S. jobs only" filter is automatically applied, and if I cancel the filter and/or "turn off" the U.S. jobs only "switch" it immediately turns back on.  I have to keep turning it off over and over again.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Joaquin and others,


The team identified the reason why you were getting US-only jobs in your recommended jobs email and have addressed it already. You shouldn't be getting those jobs in the email anymore but if you do, please let us know.


Thank you!

~ Valeria

Valeria, today I received a new mail with 10 jobs and apparently the issue is fixed.

Thank You

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