100% complete profile - portfolio

Hi Everyone,


I find myself unable to sleep and read notes of people commenting about the portfolio needed for 100% profile completion.

I have up to today no portfolio yet and have reached 100% profile status, my girlfriend has the same on her profile. Seeing that both of us reached 100% completeness without a portfolio does suggest that it is not a glitch in my case and that the portfolio does not go into that equation. Check it out if you have trouble believing it!

Just for clarification purpose, it is IMPERATIVE to include some work into your portfolio because  it really does improve your chances of attracting good and serious clients. Scammers probably have no interest in reading further than your name and job description anyway!

..... and yes, before others resort to remindig me, I will still fill my portfolio pouch as well. I am just too busy lately with the jobs I secured through Upwork and I sincerely hope it won't change in the near future either.

Otherwise I wish you all the best with your undertaking here!