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15 bucks an hour! Who can resist?

I'm sure this is how to get feedback from Upwork's most productive and revenue-enhancing contractors.

Screen Shot 2022-10-28 at 14.47.44.png

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Also, nice work on the name capitalization. Way to keep it professional!

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I'm hard put to get consumers to do a 5-min survey for the price of a cup of coffee.

In Italy you would buy 4 coffees. It's a deal!

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They offered you $5 because you are an "invaluable member", be grateful! XD

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Darn it! How come you are so special, hmmmm? (heavy sarcasm). Tell us your secret, how did you get to be invaluable?


I just noticed it says, "if you qualify", so that means you may have to still be more invaluable?


Too bad, no one could be found to edit your message.

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I didn't get that. Not worthy.. Eh. 😂

Upwork team, if this is your letter you should immediately apologize to Douglas for the lower case letter in name. This is extremely insulting!

They should fire the person who wrote it and hire a decent freelancer writer and/or editor.

I am available! As long as they do not pay me $15/hour

If they follow the clients, you might receive 5.00. Not hourly, just $5.00.

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It's a better deal than the questionnaire they are trying to make me fill out for free every three contracts or so...  Upwork listen: I would not refuse a $5 Amazon voucher!

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