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1st milestone

Hi.  The client asked for 4 chapters to be written to complete milestone 1.  He liked chapter 1 and told me to continue with chapters 2, 3 and 4.  These chapters were the same quality as chapter 1, but he then told me I was no longer following his outline.  I asked him to pay me $30, but I have not heard from him.






You can put in for a specific amount from the escrow. So if you want $30, request $30 and refund the rest if that's the way you want to play it. I'd put in for what I've done, but that's me




1part 1 (chapter1-4)(due Aug 3, 2017)$30.00 (Funded)
  • You requested approval 11 days ago
  • You requested approval less than a minute ago

This is what my screen looks like.  Do I need client approval to get paid?  What if he refuses?  Mike

ok so you just submitted again. If he doesn't do anything, you get paid in 14 days.

14 days from today?  Or from when I first submitted?

from the last time you submitted. From what you posted, you submitted again and reset the clock. So now it's 14 days.

Had you left that resubmit button in peace you would have been paid in 3 days. As you did not, the countdown started again, and the client has another 14 days to request changes if needed / wanted.....

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