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2,85 rate and three stars will that affect my business ?

Hi , I finished a project for a client and he gave me 2,85 rate and three stars , this is his feedback : english is not on par. Hicham has the right skillset for somebody who needs a clean design with lots of open spaces. eventhough my english is not that bad , on the contrary i found difficulties to communicate with him since he isn't a native english speaker neither .

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Hi Hicham,


Please note the feedback your client will be included in your Job Success Score calculation, which you will get after you complete a few more contracts. Please read more about the score's calculation in this Help article.


Hicham, your English isn't fluent, it's conversational so you should change that right now in your profile. You can also comment on the client's review and give your side of the story if you think it would help. Good luck next time and make sure your work is amazing so the client has to give you 5 stars. 

"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

Sorry this happened to you. But it sounds like you set yourself up for this, in part.


One of the constant themes around here is experienced freelancers telling new people not to put "English: Fluent" on their profiles if they aren't really fluent.


This is a textbook example of why.


My guess is there were other issues here too, but there's no way to know what they were. However, communication is vitally important.


This definitely will hurt your chances going forward, unfortunately.

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