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2 different accounts from 1 PC

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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re: "Suppose 1 Computer has 2 browsers. User 1 do a login from chrome and User 2 do a login from firefox. They can run both accounts on same time?"


I don't think anybody from Upwork should answer this question.

How are multiple users legitimately going to be using the same computer simultaneously?


What you are suggesting might be physically possible, but it strikes me as very dangerous. If I was an Upwork security programmer I would create secret automated algorithms for checking for this sort of thing and I would cause accounts to be flagged so that my team could look more closely at connection logs and terminate the accounts of all users involved.


If an Upwork user is sharing a computer with another user, the I strongly advise them to aggressively log out of Upwork and log out of the computer when they stop working and let another person use the computer.


People sharing the same computer should have separate local computer accounts, and should not share credentials at all, making it impossible for them to log in to another person's local terminal account as well as their Upwork accounts.