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2 different upwork accounts using same social security number

Hello, is it possible to have 2 different upwork accounts using the same social security number? I want to have 2 different accounts, one for a tech focused profile and other for motion graphics. The mult-profile functionality is not enough because I can't hide my motion graphics portfolio from the tech profile and that creates confussion with my clients.

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The Upwork Terms of Service allow only one account per person.


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Upwork already allows you to have multiple specialized profile pages for a single Upwork user account.

You will have one Upwork username, one password, but different profiles for different job niches or skill specializations:


Create a Specialized Profile

Right but that doesn’t help because if I want to hide my Motion graphics portfolio From my tech profile. Still shows in the tech profile and that looks off. There is no way to hide the portfolio section from multiple profiles.

You can not create a secod profile.

When found, both will be suspended.


You can have your general profile, which includes all portfolio items, then assign all your motion graphics items only to your motion graphics specialized profile and your tech portfolio items only to your tech profile.

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