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2 providers work for 1 company

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Susann P Member Since: Oct 14, 2015
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We are new at Upwork but just migrated from Elance.


A few of my Elance clients migrated also because we did.  They awarded me a job.  It was marked as complete today.  I cannot transfer the $$ to an account that is not in my name.  I work for A Creative Experience as a salary paid employee.  Just because I performed the job, does not mean I get the money!


I have emailed Upwork about this.  THe business account must get all transfers from both my wortk & the work of our creative director/owner.  This is the only way to do things correctly for business purposes & taxes.


Has any other company had this problem?  On Elance all withdrawls were given to the company bank account, not the individual.

The other major problem with this is that if you added a team member, they would get the full amount we cahrged the client.  What is the point of having employees if the company does not make money.


Frustrating but seems like an easy fix, no?  Upwork support?  Please help!!!  

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Scott E Member Since: Jul 26, 2015
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I don't quite understand 100% what you're asking, but if the company are the ones that should get the money, then they should be the ones doing the invoicing. You say what is the point of having employees if the company does not make any money, but what is the point of an employer if they don't allocate you the work and take care of invoicing and payments?


If you're handling the proposal, the work, the communication with the client, the revisions and the invoicing... then 100% of the money should be going to you unless I'm missing something. 

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Susann P Member Since: Oct 14, 2015
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I am on a salary as a designer for the company.  All payments should go to the company bank account.  Not sure if you worked on Elance but that is how it worked on there.  We are an LLC for 17 years that pays company taxes.  All payments MUST go to A Creative Experience.


The problem is that Upwork makes you take the payment with your bank account, not the company bank account. Make sense? 



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Susann P Member Since: Oct 14, 2015
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The invoicing should be coming from A  Creative Experience but Upwork has not gotten there yet.  If I was awarded the job, they want to pay me into my account, instead of our business account. 

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Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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Yep, but if the company wants to get the money and pay the employees outside of the site's payment system, then the company should've made an agency account, added the providers as agency freelancers and handled the contract with the client through the agency account. After you've accepted and finalised the contract through your own personal account, there's not much to be done with the payment. 

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Susann P Member Since: Oct 14, 2015
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We do have an agency account with 2 team members.  I do not have a personal account.  In order to get paid for the jobs I did, the bank account must have my name on it.  I am not the owner of ACE.  I am a team member. Make sense? 

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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The company you work for needs their own account, and start an agency account under that account. You need to then be added to that agency as an agency freelancer, and hired by theclient(s) under or via the agency.


That way the agency gets paid for your work and pays you.


Problem solved.


Why a freelancer would want to that is another, quite different, question

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Susann P Member Since: Oct 14, 2015
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Ok, great I will try that. thank you for the advice.


The company I work for is an LLC & pays me a salary & pays my health insurance. 


I am not a freelancer.  I am a full-time salary employee.  ACE pays business taxes then I pay my own personal taxes in my income. 


There are still design companies out there like this Smiley Happy  


thanks again!!  



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Susann P Member Since: Oct 14, 2015
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Hi Petra


I am pretty sure that is what I did.  We signed up for a company account & filled out a W9 for the company.


Under the agency roster are 2 people:  


1)  Frank P - owner of ACE & creative director


2) Susann P - me - employee of ACE


The clients I worked with invited me to submit a proposal.  I accepted the job & completed the job.  I went to "get paid" & it says that the bank account's name must be the same as the person requesting the money.  I am not on the company bank account.  Frank is.  In his account it also says he cannot withdraw the money because the job was awarded to me. 

This makes no sense for companies.  Does that make it more clear or am I missing something?



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Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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Upwork has a procedure for when the bank account is under a different name. If Frank's the owner of the company, then he can contact Support to go through the documents he needs to submit to prove that it's his business and he's authorised to operate the bank account you need linked. You can do it too if you can provide proof that you're authorised signer. 


If it's the tradeshow booth job, then it seems like it's gone through the agency so once you get the company account linked to the agency here, the money should go in the correct account.