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$20 for a full website with all graphics and content are you kidding??

This client is looking for an expert to build a website for them for just $30 after deduction a freelancer is getting $20.
Experts, please suggest how to deal with such situations?


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Don't apply to people who pay crap wages.

Thank you Miles but this is happening again and again. Do you know how Upwork policies work for clients?


The minimum allowed by Upwork is $5 for a fixed price project. I don't agree with it, but no rules are being broken in your $30 website example. The majority of jobs here have extremely low budgets, but you can set up a custom job search with the minimum rate set to your preference.

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A client can put whatever terrible budget they want on a project.  A lot do, they aren't realistic with what their projects are worth.

It's our job as freelancers to look at those projects, laugh, and move on.  There are quality clients and jobs on this site.  There's also a lot of crap that you have to wade through to find them.  Luckily, when a client puts a ridiculously low price on a job, they are warning you, in bright red glowing letters that they are a cheapskate who you should avoid.

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Ignore it, of course. Maybe someone else is willing to do that for $20. Maybe not. Either way, it's not your problem. That's a job you're not interested in, so keep scrolling.

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It's galling, but you learn to live with it. If it helps any, the top skilled artisans in whatever field are still in charge of their own destiny.

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It makes UW's job posting stats look good, that's why such ridiculous "jobs" - and scams - are allowed to be posted. If they prevented such "jobs" being posted, the next shareholder meeting would open with something along the lines of "why have job postings dropped 90% on your platform?" followed by a similar drop in the UPWK share price.

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