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200 Transactions

I am unable to find answers about transactions for 2018 tax purposes. If I have 1 client paying hourly every week, I will have three transactions in a week. I know this from my transaction history. If I switch my payment schedule to every 2 weeks, how many transactions will that be? Transcations include  withdrawal, service fee and hourly. If I switch to every two weeks, will it be 2 transactions for hourly and 1 a piece for service fee and withdrawal?  Thank you in advance for providing this information.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Janine,


Please note that weekly payments you're receiving on your Hourly contract aren't affected by your weekly disbursement schedule. You'll still receive weekly payments and receive invoices for them and for the service fee applied on them. However, you won't receive an invoice for your withdrawals.


Note that you can filter your Transaction History further to only display your payments/credits or service fee and withdrawals/debits. You can also find your total billing per client in Reports > Earnings by Client report. Please check this Help article for more information, note that you can register for our US Tax-Wise webinar scheduled for February 20 on this thread and let us know if you have any questions.

~ Vladimir
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