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22 connects for a postulation??

This is the first time I seriously reconsider whether it's really worth continuing to use Upwork for freelance work. It makes no sense that I have to pay $3 just for the chance to be read, especially since the vast majority of jobs here lead to nothing. Clients come out of curiosity, even old clients, and leave the jobs without choosing any freelancer. It's not an obligation for the client to choose someone from the applications, but Upwork should return our connects when the client hasn't chosen anyone.


To be honest, I preferred the 20% commission on earnings because at least they charged me from the money earned, unlike now where it's simply spending money for the chance to be read. $3 seems like an exaggeration to me.


I've come across several of these kinds of jobs that fit my profile, but it's impossible to keep up with that pace spending $3 just to send a proposal. Let's hope Upwork changes its policies regarding connects; otherwise, we'll have to migrate to other platforms.


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No chance of Upwork changing their policy on connects. Since they can't do anything about the low quality jobs and they are unwilling to charge clients to post a job, the only option they can think of is to fleece freelancers as much as possible. 


This is a short term revenenue gain which will no doubt leave management patting themselves on the back but the reality is they are pushing away high qualitfy freelancers. I suspect that in a few years Upwork will become the Craigslist of low quality freelance gigs. 

You made me laugh so much 🤣

So where quality freelancers are going?

Quality freelancers are increasingly focusing on self-branding as a means to distinguish themselves and attract leads.

Hmm 🤔 That stand up uniquely as self brand 

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