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38,000+ hours?

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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Jesica, don't change anything you're doing based on what we say.


You explained a lot about how you work, and it might not be what works for most of us, but you're right, it's not a decision we can make for someone else.


Honestly, I envy you your youth and energy. If you want to consider ways to get by with fewer hours, I'm sure people here would have ideas...

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Priyanka K Member Since: Jun 15, 2015
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Leap year was 2012 not 2014Smiley Happy 

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Hanna N Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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Oh darn, you are absolutely right! My mistake. Thank you for pointing that out. Smiley Happy


So I shall delete the additional day from my equation, which brings it to 


3 x 365 + 142 = 1237 days.


17256 / 1237 = 13,9498


It just gets more impressive!

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Jesica L Member Since: Apr 9, 2012
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That's great Smiley Happy



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Tiago S Member Since: Mar 20, 2012
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Jesica, if you really have worked 14 hours per day or more the last 3 years, then congratulations to you. But I don't find it a reason to be proud or something someone should boast about. And I find it even more funny that you said that 8 hours of work per day are few. Nobody in their death bed will think or say that they wished they have worked more. I simply hate, with all my strength, this way of thinking. But I wish you good luck and just hope it was all worth it.

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Jesica L Member Since: Apr 9, 2012
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like as i said, were all different,

Mind, Body, Brain, Ability and client, 

You can work as much as you want,  its your body , its your job and its your client.,


in the end, only your client will decide wether those hours you work are worth it or not. 

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Hanna N Member Since: Jun 17, 2015
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Except that's not how it works (or you are misunderstanding what we're saying).


You decide wether the hours you have worked are worth working. The only thing the client decides is if the hours were worth the money they paid (from their point of view as value to investment). In regards to you using the one commodity that you have and that you can't buy more of - your time - nobody else can say.


It is ever so slightly snarky of you to keep saying that we're all different in "brain and ability", considering that the worst anyone has insinuated here is that apparently you are able to perform what the rest of us mortals would consider superhuman feats. But I guess it is understandable, since those hours would make me snarky as well.


But hey, since your clients are happy, just keep up the good work! Smiley Happy

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Jesica L Member Since: Apr 9, 2012
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maybe freelancer need to check his/her profile first before check the otheres profile.

i'm not misunderstand what you saying,  you all keep saying that working longer hours is some kind of not understandable.


its something like this,


"Issue of working long hours" does this is really a big deal for some of you?

upwork/mod- doesnt mind as long freelancer gives a high quality output, and i don't receive any email saying that i  need to limit my working hours 

Client- doesnt mind as long they are satisfied, they even put the working hours to unlimited, also the clients have a option to limit the working hours but why they put a unlimited time, because, its a matter of "TRUST "

"Some freelancer" - Keep blah blah, and blah and blah . does this freelancer really affected. why they don't apply for a jobs with a long term and a minimum of 40 working hours a week, so they know the feelings of working with happy clients.


why do i need to work based on your ability and base on your standards. Like i always said, i work base  on my client needs, and also do you take a look my profile? its amazon, amazon related job and product related jobs, Amazon seller  clients need to put a hundred of products. its not somekind of jobs that need to work whatever you like, its called DUTY and responsibilities," If my client said that i need to work 14 hours a day, of course i need to do that.


if you don't want the freelancer work for longer hours, then create youe own freelancing site and put a daily limit hours for each one. 


and since upwork does not limit the daily working hours.  i wil lwork as much as i want, FINAL


If you found a issue, you can report my profile, and ask Customer Service to investigate my working hours.

The other freelancer already did it, maybe you can do it too.


And if you still having a issue about my working hours. i am happily to resigned in my current job and i will let you apply and replace my postion.


thank you







Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi All,


We appreciate the discussion but the decision has been made to close this thread for further comments.


Thank you!

~ Valeria