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$450 Pending for Months when I have got getting money from client notification and reviews.

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Muhammad A Member Since: Jan 5, 2015
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Hello oDesk, This is Muhammad Anas from Pakistan. I am working on oDesk from last 2 and half years, I am belonged from very poor family where I have to burn mid night oil by working days and nights to earn for my large family. I am the only earner in my family.


I have completed 125+ Contracts on oDesk and I am not working anywhere else on oDesk, I am for oDesk and I love oDesk, But there is a dark side of the picture too which I want to tell you very honestly and clearly from the core of my heart.


I want your sincere reply and I want you to pass my whole message to oDesk Higher Authority.


I have got $270 pending from this contract id: 13289288, then i have got $117.00 from Contract ID 13625549, then i have got $60.00 from this contarct ID: 14137453 In total it is almost $450. 3 different clients money were pending from last months and months.


I have been told 3 times by 1 oDesk chat agent that these 3 pending payments will all be settled in 2 days and now when I talked with other chat agent for the confirmation, he shocked his head by accepting the mistake of other chat agent.


I have got full notifications that I have got my payments from client, I have got 5 stars reviews of those work done and great comments from clients. But when it comes to payment, its a terrible fact that its totally fake payment and fake notification.


I understand your system is now been changed but it should not means that I and people like me can easily forgot all our pending payments. Why can't i get my pending money ready to withdraw when i have got its notifications of getting payments, 5 stars and chats with client.


We are living in a world where payments are made in seconds paypal or bank transfer 1 day. Why your system not charged clients payments immediately but it waits for 6 to 8 hours which is terrible.


Why your system couldn't detect if client has got any payment in his/her account while sending the money. Each time i talked with oDesk support they said, Do communicate with clients..I already did...there is nothing they can do because they don't want to pay real money and they are fine with cheated us. And for me $450 means too much i know how i am working days and nights for this.


I hope oDesk can someday solve this problem and help me to clear this funds of $450. And that's why I have done my level best I can reach you here with 1 hope that you can help me.


Regards: Muhammad Anas.

Community Manager
Valeria K Community Manager Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Muhammad,


I am really sorry about the situation you found yourself in. I have checked the contracts and payments you are referring to and it looks like the clients failed to release fixed-price and expense payments. oDesk Team has already taken appropriate actions against the clients' accounts and is doing everything it can to get the clients to pay.


I hope this issue will get resolved soon and I really appreciate your patience.

~ Valeria

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