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8 Types of People You Should Pitch to as a New Freelance Writer

Small business owners:

Many small businesses require compelling website content, blog posts, and marketing materials to attract customers.

Niche bloggers:

Identify bloggers within your areas of expertise. They often seek guest posts or articles to diversify their content and bring a fresh perspective to their audience.

Content agencies:

Many content agencies work with freelance writers to fulfill their clients’ content needs.

Self-help authors:

Authors in the self-help genre often require ghostwriters or editors for their books. Reach out to these authors and offer your writing or editing services.

E-commerce businesses:

With the rise of online shopping, e-commerce businesses are constantly in need of product descriptions, SEO-optimized content, and engaging blog posts.

Local publications:

Local newspapers, magazines, or community websites are excellent platforms to showcase your writing skills and establish a local following. Research local publications and pitch relevant story ideas or columns to connect with your community.


Startups often require content to attract investors, communicate their vision, and engage potential customers. Find innovative startups in your area or within your niche and propose your writing services to help them create persuasive content.

Influencers and thought leaders:

Connect with influencers or thought leaders in your industry and offer to write guest posts for their websites or contribute to their newsletters.

Craft a compelling pitch that showcases your skills, expertise, and unique perspective.

Building a solid portfolio and establishing long-term relationships with clients in these diverse areas will pave the way for a successful freelance writing career.

Good luck!

Amir Khurshid
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Excellent information, thank you!

It sounds really appreciative. Thank you so much for your keen words. 

Amir Khurshid
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