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8 hours to download tracker

I have been trying to download the desktop app for an hour now. Seems pretty simple but your links are all broken, all 4 of them: 32 and 64 bit , both standard and beta versions.



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Hi Dalene,


I just tested it but couldn't replicate the issue you're experiencing. Are you trying to download it on this page? What OS are you using? I tested with 32-bit Standard for Windows and the download was initiated as usual. Could you please make sure nothing in your browser or antivirus is blocking downloads?

~ Valeria

I'm having similar issue. The tracker was working fine until today. Uninstalled and re-installed. turned off protection software. But the download window closes at 80%. Only the messages open but the time tracker window is not opening/appearing.

Hi Jose,


Could you please share the operating system you`re using? Thank you.

~ Goran
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