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A Client 'Stole' My Work!

Hi everybody, I am relatively new to the ODesk community. I signed up for a fixed payment job, realizing that there is no guarantee of payment. Sadly, I received the 10% upfront payment, but I did not get paid the remaining amount. To my surprise I found my worked solicited in another job posting a few days later by this same client. The client has not responded to a single message. I gave good feedback assuming I would be paid, but I can't change it now. This situation has just left a bad taste in my mouth, and I am feeling very discouraged. I feel like I've been severely wronged on a moral level; but it also hinders my faith in the ODesk system. While I wait for ODesk to respond, I wanted to know what my fellow freelancers thought about this. What are my rights here? Thanks for all your help in the meantime.
Hi Please don't let the bad experience put you off freelancing. Freelancing sites not just oDesk are giving us a chance to add value to clients while being payed. The changes to fixed rate job they will make the future will help in many ways. Personally every time i do a fixed rate job i mentally think of it as an internship (some times you get payed, most of the time you work more than expected...) ps. one could talk for days about the lack of morals in business in general. be proud you applying your values to your life.