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A Client didn't reply for than a month

 Hi, I have a problem with a client. We had finished the part he want in the contract and the payment approved. For the rest part he become no longer need it or didn't ask for it and he stopped replying my msgs for more than a month and I can't reach him. The contract is still open with no active milestones for a long time. So if I took an action to end it will this affect my jss? And I don't want to appear in my profile a job with no feedback or rate. So can I also remove it from my profile as I a top rated? I didn't face both of my questions before so what is the steps or choices I should do to end and remove the contract with no bad effect?
Thanks in advance.


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Hi Omar,

JSS reflects your overall contract history with your clients and is based on your relationships and feedback. Here are some factors on why JSS will change however, please know that you can use your Top Rated Perk for those contract that affects your JSS.

~ Jo-An


Hi Jo-An,

Thanks for you reply 🙂

But I still didn't get a direct answer for my question. Generally if I ended the contract will this affect me knowing that the problem from the client not from me?

Hi Omar,


You and the client have the option to end the contract. You can check this help article. As for your concern with how this will affect your JSS, it reflects a wide range of factors such as public and private feedback, long-term contracts, and repeat ones.


As mentioned by Jo-An, as a Top Rated freelancer, you do get perks. You can use this perk for contracts that affect your Job Success Score. 




~ Joanne
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