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A Client want to have access of my email and the odesk account..what will i do?

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Ruell T Member Since: Dec 17, 2014
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A Client just a minute ago want to link his website to my email, I ask him what is the company and what is the data Entry all about, he just said, He will link my email to their company website then they will hire me through oDesk. I thought, i would be in danger if I will told him about my email, but thinking about landing  a job on Odesk and that it is a legit client, what I did is to give him fake email, so to know what is his next move, then when he can't access my fake email, he ask about the city where I was always using the internet, and ask for my oDesk account., I didn't give it to him because, there are projects that I have worked into before I applied to his job posting, so I still have earnings on ODesk, so I refuse, when I told him, what is that you are not payment method verified, he said that its just that its not yet updated, and new to oDesk. After that I told him that I got hacked before, so I can't give him my oDesk account and the password. I was waiting for my Odesk account to update and tell me I have an interview, so to click on the button of accept the interview, but there nothing, so I keep on talking with him until I refuse to give him my password on oDesk. I hope you'll be aware about this man, he just said his name was **edited for Community Guidelines**, I searched on the linkedin, there are so many **edited for Community Guidelines** including a name without photo uploaded.  I hope you won't get  fooled in case you talked to this guy.

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Ruell,


I am sorry you found yourself in an uncomfortable situation with a client. Please, never share your log in details with anybody and report people who try to extort that information to Customer Support


Also, note that posting names or any identifying information is not allowed in the Community, so we had to edit your post.

~ Valeria