A Grand Kudos

I can't help but notice that the forum mods are working their brains out being forum mods, customer support, troubleshooter, PR officers etc etc. so a grand kudos to Valeria and Garnor.


I'm not sucking up, regulars know how much I blast those two out of frustration with the site but they do deserve lots of credit for appeasing the angry mob aka regular forum people who are fed up with the glitches and all the problems the site is seemingly to be full of these days.


Grand kudos too for masochistic peeps who have lots of time to speak up and share here at the forum. Newbies would be like lost sheeps without some tough love from regulars ๐Ÿ™‚



โ„โ„โ„ Just A Forum Contributor --- This isn't against forum guidelines โ„โ„โ„

Yup - group hug for Garnor and Valeria - you know it's nothing personal Smiley Wink 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you, guys, for your kind words and aknowledgement. We will keep working hard to make this Community a friendlier and more comfortable place for oDesk users to come and get help or advice as well as share feedback and opinions. And we do greatly appreciate all the help that the regulars like you guys are providing selflessly to this Community. Thank you for all your patience, knowledge and participation!

~ Valeria

We appreciate it Dianne.


Thanks Garnor and Valeria.