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A Guide About How to Pick Your Clients

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Marcia M Member Since: Apr 3, 2013
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[quote=sivakumar ramamoorthy] My clients expect me to stay on skype and answer emails instantly and i expect the same. I can't find anything wrong with this. [/quote] This is bad for the client and bad for you. If the client has to constantly supervise you, that means they have less time to actually run their business. The purpose of the client hiring someone is to hand off tasks to the freelancer so the client can focus on the things they're best at. Hiring someone and watching their every movement is a sign of an inexperienced manager. Good managers know how to delegate. It is bad for you because you don't have the opportunity to show any initiative or give the client a chance to trust you, which could lead to more opportunities for you. (Hmm, I guess it is easier for clients to trust that you won't hack their websites or sell their analytics data to a competitor if they're watching everything you do. I prefer to create trust by behaving courteously and professionally.) I have a client who, the last time I heard from her, which was weeks ago, was pregnant and close to her due date. (She might have had the baby by now.) Isn't it good that she can be confident that while she is occupied with more important things, her website is not going to fall apart, and that I don't have to text her in the labour room?
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Margaret P Member Since: Jul 7, 2007
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[quote=sivakumar ramamoorthy] 2.) All of my clients provide me access to their websites. It is not a problem for them. If they feel threatened they have Odesk and law agencies for rescue.[/quote] Hardly, unless you are both living in the same country and even the same area, there are no laws to protect you. All you have to do is read the client horror stories on the forum. Contractors reset their passwords, delete their data, totally screw with web sites and there is no recourse. Can you imagine how much an international law suit would even cost? And as for oDesk doing anything, don't make me laugh. You are being naive here.
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Apanda C Member Since: Oct 11, 2013
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I wish you would just stick with your conviction that you are a typical burnout. Whom are you writing this piece of work for? I am only glad that you stated "Of course this guide won't help new freelancers and freelancers who are financially lacking." I don't ever want the younger or newer people to start developing work ethics like your kind of work ethics. Oh sorry, I just realize that you don't have any.