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A client asked for a copy of my ID



I submitted a proposal for a job and the client responded. Everything seemed normal until he asked me if I could send him a copy of my resume and ID through google links. Him asking me for my ID is what threw up a red flag to me. I do not feel comfortable and will not send that type of personal information to anyone I dont know. Im not sure what possible reason a client could have to need a copy of my ID. If its to verify my identity is that not why upwork has that information? If a client wants to verify that could they not just ask Upwork? I was wondering if anyone else has been asked the same? And if so what did you do?


Thank you!

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Your senses are right, don't share this type of information. Also, tell the client the same - you're not comfortable sharing that private information and if he needs to further verify to speak directly with Upwork support. 


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Your instincts were right to NOT send the information.


Any situation where a client (or potential client) is asking for your personal ID information on Upwork is going to be one of the following:

- This is not a real client, but is intend a criminal or scoundrel who is trying to scam you or steal your personal identity information, which they will sell or use to steal or money or do something else that is bad




- This is a real client and she simply doesn't know that she doesn't need that information, and that she isn't supposed to ask for information like that on Upwork.


If somebody is asking for your résumé and a copy of your ID through Google links... they are probably NOT a real client. There's probably no money in this for you.




There is NOTHING WRONG with ending a client a résumé, as long as you remove personal contact information. Then you're simply sending a file that has the same information as your Upwork profile page.


If you're NOT SURE, and if you think this may be a real client who may really hire you to do work, then you DO NOT need to immediately stop communicating with her. You can tell her that Upwork does not allow you to provide that information. You can tell her that you authorize her to contact Upwork and verify your identity or ask any questions.


I'm not making any promises about what Upwork will actually do. They may not actually use the words "we verify this freelancer's identity." But the point is, you are assuring a nervous customer that you're legitimate. If that client wants to contact Upwork, then they will be able to ask any questions she wants to ask. Upwork customer service representatives won't give out your personal information. But in most cases, if a client is simply ignorant about how Upwork works and asked for your ID or résumé because that's how they were trained to do things at the company they used to work for... if you tell her that she is welcome to check up on you with Upwork, that's all she needs to hear. She is probably not actually going to take the time to do so.


And if it's a scammer, then they know they have no hope of getting those things from you. They'll leave you alone.

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The answer 100% of the time is an emphatic no. I even setup a PO Box so that I can use a different address for NDA's. However, why not ask him why he is asking for your ID. Of course that should change nothing, but always good to see if you can catch them in a nonsense answer or if they are genuinely misguided. If you do, post back what reason he gave. 

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