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A client has refused to adhere to the upwork terms of payment

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Oluwatosin A Member Since: Apr 30, 2020
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Oluwatosin A wrote:

Should i work on the 3rd milestone without him accepting milestone 2? and it seems you didn't get the message i sent. He has approved it by all standards he just wants to be stubborn and not pay me till the 3rd milestone, and for all i know upwork doesn't work that way, it is a structured paltform, he can't get away with that, i have done my quota, i deserve my milestone payment.

The terms and phrases you are using don't conform to how the payment process works, so everyone is having trouble figuring out what your issue is. 

If you have submitted the work for payment and the milestone was funded, then, after 14 days the funds are released whether the client acts or not. 
If the client wants you to begin working on the next milestone, but won't release the funds for the previous one (before the 14-day automatic release), you say no. You do not begin working on the next milestone until the client has released the funds for the previous. 
If the client doesn't like that, then you wait 14 days for your funds for the completed milestone to be released. Once the funds are released, close the contract and block the client. Also, leave them a review that reflects their bad behavior.  


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Oluwatosin A Member Since: Apr 30, 2020
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Thanks A lot...