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A client is abusing freelancers to work for free

Hey guys,


i accepted a job with a client and really wanted to work for him. 

It is a product description for 20$/hour. 

He wrote me that he has to decide first before giving me the job and that i shall do a product description for him up front for free to test my skills. 

And the funny point is that I would need 1-2 hours to finish the discription, it is not a short discriptions where you need 10 minutes or sth. 

I guess he is doing that with everyone and never pays for the job.

When my car is broken and i want to repair it, can i go to the car service and tell them to repair my woman's car first to show me their skills before i pay them?

How can i report him or let other freelancers know that he is abusing everyone?


Thank you for your answer guys.

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You can flag the job description with the option "Client asks for free work" under the proposal submit button.

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Definitely flag the client. 
Freelancers must learn to say no. It is a vital survival skill. 

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