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A client requested a refund and later wanted me to continue


A client hired me for a project for a time frame shorter than the complexity of the work. He knows this, plus the fact that I ran into a technical issue on my laptop which I explained to him. I asked him to give me a little time to finish the project but unfortunately, I just woke up in the night to see that he has ended the contract and requested for refund but said in the message he gave me till this Sunday to complete the project or else I should refund him the money in the escrow.


 My question: In this situation what can you advise me with, I've offered to complete his project this Sunday but I don't know if his action will affect my profile even after I might have done what he wanted for him in the project?


Hi Ayodeji,


Could you please share the contract ID of the project you're referring to so I can check? 

~ Joanne
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