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A client requested an escrow refund when nothing was paid

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Anna N Member Since: Oct 17, 2018
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The client for whom I started fixed price project dissappeared when I did the first stage of the project. As it was recommended here, I submitted the work I have done so far for just a few dollars in case a client would wake up. He then appeared before 14 days were gone so i could get paied  and canceled the contract requesting an escrow refund when there was nothiing paid. 

How can I manage this situation without losing much of my JSS score ? Should I file a deputy against him? He is online and doesn't reply to me


Please help!

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Leroy P Member Since: Jul 22, 2017
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You should definitely file a complaint against the client, if you feel there's a breach in your contract.

One time, I was dealing with a client that was unreasonable with the project I was working on. It was a screenplay involving illegal immigration and "America's Got Talent". The client was deluded to say the least because the premise wasn't believable at all, especially in the current political climate we're all in. The client wanted to see what I working on so far. I sent what I had, and he ended the contract. I filed a complaint against him and got some reimbursement.

Sure, my job score went down and the adage "The customer is always right" still stands, but, as freelancers, you have to have some dignity in order to not be taken advantage of, and you have to speak up for yourself if you feel something's wrong with the project. Clients have to realize freelancers are creative thinkers, not typical office workers.

My job score is now up, due to finding and getting reasonable clients. As long as you put yourself out there, you get a good client or two. Hope that helps.
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Anna N Member Since: Oct 17, 2018
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Thank you. 


Did your Jss Score went 10% down or more? 

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Leroy P Member Since: Jul 22, 2017
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Around 15%.
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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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If the client closed the contract, then the reviews have already been delivered as have their effect on your JSS. You may be able to get a few dollars via a dispute (which would make the contract one for which you received some payment). No one can really tell you what your best option is.