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A confusion about two Top-Rated-Plus Requirements


I have two confusions about these requirements:
-Does working on a large project in past 12 months is the requirement? I mean, a freelancer must have done a large project without negative feedback? What if the freelancer has earned $10,000 in the past 12 months but have not done any large project, which means, no large contract and no condition for large project's feedback. So, in this case would a top-rated freelancer qualify for top-rated-plus badge? Or he/she must have done a large contract with positive feedback?

-I did read about Exclusive and non exclusivce agency contractor but it was confusing. I am a individual freelancer and if I do contracts with individual clients or there might be agencies or companies on client side, so in this case, would I be considered non exclusive agency contractor? And will I be OK to go for this requirement?

Looking forward to comments which can clear my these confusions so that my focus towards next badge level can be more clear.

Muhammad Ehsan


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You need one large contract. The amount depends on the category you're in.


Hi Muhammad,


Jeniffer is right. A large project can vary depending on the skill category. For example, in certain categories, a large job might be one with earnings of $5,000 but in others, it might be a $20,000 or $30,000 contract. 


For your second question, agency members who are exclusive work on Upwork only as part of their agency. Their profile and proposals are branded with the agency to make the agency’s part in the working relationship clear to clients. All contract payments are paid out to the agency. While non-exclusive agency members can work on Upwork independently or as part of an agency. When the contract is with the freelancer as an agency member, contract payments are paid out to the agency. However, contracts independent of the agency are paid directly to the freelancer. Non-exclusive agency members have the option to submit proposals as a freelancer or as an agency member. You can check this help article to learn more. 

~ Joanne
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