A couple of quick questions about job postings...

Hi folks, 


I'm sorry, I'll try to stop the nonstop posting soon, but this system is so counterintuitive that it's hard to figure out things I used to take for granted on Elance. 


Here are two burning questions I have right now...


1. Do jobs ever close? In doing my searches I see jobs that go back MONTHS, and still seem to be open to take proposals. Do they ever close, or do you just have to pay attention and make sure you don't waste connects? 


2. Can you tell if a client has hired someone? And, similar to that, if a client hires someone, will it automatically close the project, or do you have to study the page to make sure you don't apply to a job someone's already working on?


Thanks for any and all help!


1. The client has to close the contract. Sometimes they leave it open in case the freelancer doesn't work out (or they decide to hire another freelancer to help out) but a lot of times they just forget to close it. You have to pay attention.


2) If the client hires someone it shows up in the Client Activity section of the job post. Again, it is up to the client to close the job. Hiring someone does not automatically close the job.

Thanks for the replies everyone. 


I actually think I understand this one! But, just for clarity, let me make sure 🙂


Let's assume I see this client activity on a page...


Client Activity on this Job

Last Viewed: 1 day ago

Hires: 1

Proposals: 14

Interviewing: 5


That just means that at least 1 person has been hired. More COULD be hired, but at least one has. I also assume it'd be a bad idea to submit a proposal if they've already hired one person and haven't made it explicit that they'll hire more than one? 



Thanks again all!

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Community Manager

Hi Christopher,


Job postings close automatically after 30 days of inactivity. When the client creates a job posting they can select an option to close the job automatically after hiring a freelancer. However, a lot of clients choose to keep it open for reasons Amy mentioned in her post.

~ Valeria

Valeria, Can you define "inactivity?" If a client logs in 29 days from when they first posted the job, and just views it, (and it's been up now for 60+ days, with no one hired or interviewed)  does that mean that the job stays open automatically for another 30 days?





Yes it means it stays open. There are some jobs that are 3 years old never hired anyone and are still open. This topic was brought up by Setu several months ago. The feed has changed that you can't search oldest jobs any longer so it is hard to find them but there are jobs 3 years old still sitting there cause the client logged in and checked it.