A critical issue regarding payment release



I have 100% job success rate, with 4.99 rating and above $14,000 12 months earnings. Today, I initated a normal LFT wire transfer, but that failed and the error said 'the withdrawal is temporarily unavailable because of a technical issue, please check back later'


The community representative here said that it is an issue at the backend. Some other users also reported this problem. too Upon not getting the issue resolved, I contacted Customer support and they came up with a pretty confusing reply.



They said my account is on hold,( which it is becuase of automatic algos). They said in order to get my payment, I need to complete my jobs and request a final review.


how is that possible, how could i continue my jobs if I couldnt their payment. 


I think the customer representative mixed up the technical issue which is coming today for the wire transfer, and the account hold.


Please assist me on this, my whole life is depedent on this as I am a full time freelancer


P.S: I would request Miss Valeria to check this and let me know the exact issue. 




Did you try any other payment method ?


Hi Fahad,


I will look into this for you. I understand your frustration, and I know there was a brief issue with paypal this morning which may have also affected wire transfers. I will update as soon as I receive more information.






It looks as though there is a technical issue with wire transfers going to Pakistan. I gave your username to the team that is triaging this. Sorry for the inconvienience this should be resolved soon.




Hi Lena, 


Thank you so much for your reply.


Here is my user name:  **edited for Community Guidelines**


I really appreciate you checked this for me. I hope everything gets fixed soon. 

Hi Lena, 


Can you please ask the team to kindly explain what is the expected time for the resolution as I am all in panic now. It's still not resolved, and the support is not replying.


Please ask them if it is the issue with only one bank? Is it temporay glitch or permanent and should I add a new payment method?


Will be thankful for your help.




I withdrew via LFT yesterday, and while I received confirmation instantly, I still did not get the payment processed email which means that 24 hours later, it's still not on its way. Is this a bug?


Edited to add: I received my payment processed email a few hours after this post, so it looks like LFT is working, at least on my end.